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click button above to go to SKYWARD


ALL absence requests MUST be entered through SKYWARDSkyward requests are addressed DAILY.

If you have problems with your Skyward account, please contact Student Services at [email protected].


  1. Log into SKYWARD using an online browser or the app.
  2. Click the Attendance box.
  3. Click on Absence Request.
  4. Click on the plus sign in right corner that says, "Add Absence Request."
  5. Fill out the form and be sure to hit SAVE!
PAST DATES: You will not be able to enter past dates in the drop-down date boxes.  Simply write in the dates for any past attendance requests in the comment section.
 Notes for absences must be turned in within five days of the absence.
Texas Education Agency allows a student to be counted present ALL day if student attends any portion of the school day and sees a medical professional. A note from the doctor must be provided to the school.
Section 25.092 of the Texas Education Code states that a student must be in attendance at least 90% or more of the time a class meets per semester in order to receive credit for the classes for which they are enrolled.
Section 25.095 of the Texas Education Code states that mandatory action of the school district in filing a complaint if a student is absent from school on 10 or more days or parts of days within a six month period
(1) the student's parent is subject to prosecution under Section 25.093;
(2) the student is subject to prosecution under Section 25.094 or to referral to a juvenile court for conduct that violates this section.
Students exceeding the number of days allowed to meet the 90% attendance requirement by law will be denied credit in those classes based on state law.
Students failing to meet attendance requirements in any class will not have an opportunity to receive/renew their VOE (Verification of Enrollment) needed for a driver's license, until meeting the attendance requirements at the end of the next fall/spring semester.




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